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Punjabi Poem Ambri [Mother] by Anwar Masood

Anwar Masood

A very well-known poem [Nazm] titled Ambri written by a very renowned Poet from Pakistan Anwar Masood. Although, he is widely known because of his humorous poetry, but he has also written some very serious pieces. This poem is probably among one of the most serious works by him.

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi Mushaira

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi born Ahmad Shah Awan on 20 November 1916 – died 10 July 2006, was an Urdu and English language Pakistani poet, journalist, literary critic, dramatist and short story author.

Ahmad Faraz Mushaira

ahmad faraz

Ahmed Faraz‎, born on 12 January 1931 in Kohat, was a Pakistani Urdu poet. He was acclaimed as one of the best modern Urdu poets of the last century.